Executive Director
Jahn Hibbs

206 W 4th Street
Duluth, MN 55806

The mission of the Duluth Community Garden Program is to strengthen the Duluth area community and foster self-sufficiency by providing access for all to food production and preservation resources and promoting sustainable gardening practices.

The Mission of the Duluth Community Garden Program is based on these beliefs:

We believe that access to food is a universal right. We believe that urban agriculture provides significant amounts of high quality foods.

We believe that organic gardening, being the foundation of successful agriculture, yields the highest quality foods. Furthermore, we believe that organic gardening benefits the soil, the watershed, the air and the health of the people who eat the produce. We believe that gardening involves an opportunity for people to nourish the earth.

We believe that gardening is therapeutic in that it nourishes physical and emotional health. Furthermore, we believe that gardening enhances human equality, stimulates human generosity and benefits the health of individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities.

We believe that education and information is necessary for successful gardening and food preservation.
We believe that the Duluth Community Garden Program is a positive model for community development. We believe the Garden Program is only successful with collaborative relationships with individuals, neighborhood organizations, government agencies, University and Extension resources, service organizations and philanthropic entities.