Board of Directors

We are currently accepting new board members for 2017.

You don’t have to be a gardener!

Support for our mission and organization can come in many forms — marketing, human resources, fundraising, law or other areas of professional expertise to assist a growing non-profit are especially desired at this time.

To learn more or attend a meeting, please contact:

Lydia deGrood
Board President

Current Board Members

Lydia deGrood, President (The Flint Group)

VACANT, Vice President

VACANT, Treasurer

Tavis Westbrook, Secretary (Department of Natural Resources, DCGP Gardener)

Julie Allen (E.E. Graduate Student, Many Rivers Montessori, DCGP Gardener)

Cole Puffer (UMD Medical School, DCGP Gardener)

Wendy Sjoblom (Graphic Designer, Professional Gardener, DCGP Gardener)

Tracie Clanaugh (YMCA Executive Director)

Em Westerlund (City Councilor, UMD Staff, PAVSA Staff, DCGP Gardener) (not pictured)