Want to learn to grow vegetables, but don’t know where to go? The Duluth Community Garden Program can help you learn how to garden! Here are a couple of ways for you to get plugged in:

Collective Garden Plot

The collective garden plot is a community garden space shared by a group. This is a great option for people that are new to gardening and intimidated by the idea of going it alone, or for those that don’t have the time to maintain a whole plot by themselves. The collective will have an experienced gardener as a mentor, providing garden wisdom and guidance. The group will meet at the beginning of the season to determine scheduling, what to plant, garden design, etc. Expect to spend about 3 hours/week with your group and in the garden. The collective plot is at Bertha’s Community Garden in the Hillside.

Garden Mentorship

In 2014 the Duluth Community Garden Program partnered with the St. Louis County Extension Master Gardeners to develop a Garden Mentorship Program. This is a group mentorship, where mentors (Master Gardeners or other experienced gardeners in the community) are matched up with a community garden site and provide guidance to a group of gardeners. You must be a Duluth Community Garden Program member to participate, but do not necessarily have to be a community gardener (to learn how to become a member, visit our membership page or call 218-722-4583).